Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Luna Rosa a luna eclipse

A real quick note here. I am going to post some photos I have just taken of the Luna Rosa eclipse of the moon. I have a very basic digital camera so they are not great shots but I want to share them anyway. Of course NZ is the first country on earth to see the sun each calender day, and so I guess we are possibly the first country to get to witness this eclipse. It finished with a stunning coloured moon as if a red veil was shrouding it. Beautiful to behold and another reason to feel blessed.
Her are the photos in a form of sequence. I had to get to bed and so could not wait up to photograph the passing of the eclipse.
I shall get another post up in a few days as I would like to rave about some new found friends I have had the privilege of spending time with lately.

The beginning

FINI as they say at the end of french films!!!

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zee said...

Absolutely awesome shots. I tried to get pictures of a rather huge full moon over the Atlantic from my front yard two months ago and no matter what I did, I got nothing but a leeeeeeeedle bitty pinpoint. Absolutely ticked me off, because it was beautiful!