Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a right royal Sir Ian McKellen, A japanese flag and drugs!!!

for some reason, not totally known to me even, this is how I currently look ...getting ready for a shakespeare maybe!!!

what I may look like if I was on drugs...

what I might look like if YOU'RE on drugs!

These photos were taken during a workshop on digital photography I attended in the weekend. When I saw these shots it was immediately apparent that this was the universe showing me something...maybe its time to stop the drugs!...not that I do drugs...hell no not me,...well not much..you know,..if at all... cause the clouds quite often look 3D even without drugs...if you know what I mean,..

Gidday, t'is now Tuesday 21st of august ( as you are probably aware august is the 8th month of the gregorian calender, however, this was not always the case!!!, originally august was named Sextilis, because it was the sixth month in the ancient Roman calendar. Then around 8 BC, while ol' Augustus was doing his conquering thing all over the place, sextilis was renamed after him, because several of the most significant events in his rise to power, culminating in the fall of Alexandria, happened in this month. Originally, August had 29 days, then along came Julius salad,... I mean Caesar salad,.. bugger I mean Julius Caesar, and lo and behold around 45 BC, Mrs Caesars boy Julius threw in a couple more days, giving august its present total of 31 days. Maybe George Bush might want to add a couple of days during his reign of terror.
Just in case you're into flowers or stones, August's flower is the gladiolus ( think Dame Edna Everage ), or poppy, and its birthstone is the peridot, sardonyx, or sapphire.
there ya bloody go!!!
Permit me if you will, to launch straight into a rave about a young fella by the name of... Sir Ian McKellen.
T'was during the filming of Lord Of The Rings, that I had the pleasure of spending time in this fine gentlemans company, on a number of occassions. These instances included sharing his makeup bus a couple of times ( he had the kick arse wig on the gig, well maybe a tie between his and Orlando Blooms, both the long white blondie styles,... but please!.... don't get me started on those poncey elves!!! ). It was also a priviledge to be invited to his abode in Wellington for lunch with a few others on one occassion. Then my last day of filming happened to coincide with Ian and Billy Boyds last days of shooting LOTR, so we were presented with swords by Mr P Jackson at the same function. I should confess Ian and Peter Jackson were probably the only two people I tended to withdraw into a form of "personality shell" around. Having wondered why the hell I was like that, I have deduced that it was because I was in so much in awe of them. Sounds strange to be saying that, but it's true. I really didn't feel like I had a lot to contribute to events in their company, they both seemed so onto it, as it were, and they both have such great intellects and wit, so I would tend to rabbit on to others ( not saying that the others were any less onto it!!! ) but that's the way it was, I would be as exciting as a piece of rock around these guys. I think I just felt humbled to be in their company,... or maybe I am part rock...
Why the rave? well on saturday night just gone, my wonderful agent Imogen Johnson managed to hussle a couple of tickets for me to get along and witness Sir Ian live on stage, here in Auckland, performing the role of King Lear as a member of the one and only Royal Shakespere Company. It was bloody superb to see this company in town, and at the after match function I got to meet up with a few of the actors who were all wonderfully down to earth, great people to chat with, in between sips of various liquids. However the big impact of the night was witnessing Ian McKellen do his thing on stage. Truely, I sat absolutely elated at times by his performance. As a performer, to sit there and watch what he was doing on stage, I felt I was in the company of someone who is a genius in their domain. I was overwhelmed at times with the desire to jump up and start acting right there and then...dangerous, as I was sitting in the front row of the balcony! You know how sometimes when you listen to certain music that gets you going, you just bust out a couple of lines, well I was in a packed 2,000 seat theatre and just wanted to bust out some the lines as Ian was doing them!!! Bloody brilliant,... thankyou Ian , thanks RSC, thanks Jacqui and Linden from the Edge, and most of all,... thanks Mum ( she wasn't there, but at this point, it just feels right to say thanks Mum! ).
If you want to see some photos of the after match function go here...http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.asp?nbc1=1&navtyp=CAL====284828&ym=200708

And now for something totally unrelated,... I want to find out what this WW 11 japanese flag is about. Could anyone who can read Japanese or knows about Japanese insignia etc, let me know please. Take a look and contact me through this blog, or contact me at my website www.bruce-hopkins.com.

Finally, remember to stream www.radiolive.co.nz from 1am -6am NZ time and listen to me ( Les ) as part of The Dawn Patrol with Des and Les, we call oursleves the Duvet brothers...the warmest show on radio and in a bizarre twist of fate we happen to be the most listened to english speaking New Zealand talkback radio show in China ( over there they know us as the chen xi dao hang )...you can take part in the show by sending us emails at desandles@radiolive.co.nz.

That's it from me for now. Be responsible for your life, don't blame others and don't re-elect goverments who are comprised of dickheads!!!
As incredible creatures, this life and this world are ours for the taking if we so desire, there's actually enough for all of us. Don't be greedy, learn to share a little. Thanks Sir Ian and all the others at the RSC for sharing your talent.
night night..... if I snore roll me over or just give me a jab in the ribs.....ZZZzzzzzzzzz.........


Sheldon said...

Whoe Bruce, is the Beard for Movember?
I'll ask around about the flag, see if I know anyone that can read it.

InsideFilmNZ said...

gidday Sheldon, no not a movember mo-beard, just me bein hairy!!! all clean shaven now. Just MC'd a large conference for a software development company so scrubbed up!

Sheldon said...

I found out some info on the flag, turns out it's probably pre-WW2, the writing is the date and some company or group name, apparently its quite an old flag, but thats all I got from my friend, hope it helps.