Friday, December 18, 2009

the big question

well well well 3 of them thar holes in the ground. If you are not walking with your eyes open you could fall into one of them thar holes!
is it just my imagination or did another of those things called a ' year ', which we humans who live by the calendar that Pope Gregory XIII created in 1582, ... did another of those 'years' just roll on by?
My profile photo is kind of irrelevant, here is a shot of that little grandson of mine now;

what have I learned from the year that Pope Gregory XIII would have us call 2009, ... at times it seems I have learned buggar all and yet I must reflect that I have met more wonderful people than arseholes, so maybe I learned that there are less baddies than there are goodies, I just have to make sure I don't do what the mainstream media tends to do and dwell on the negative. It may sell papers and TV ratings, but it sure as hell can lead to depressive head spaces!
I learned that the leaders of the worlds economies are not much smarter than the average joe blow. If they truly believe that the result of an almost hysteric period of global greed, which is the current 'recession', can be solved by force feeding the fatted cow with printed money to encourage more gourging, they must actually be either getting a major pay off themselves or maybe just be bloody ignorant. Mind you the french do do a damn fine pate by force feeding ducks!!!
I lerned that I love my family even more than I thought I did.
I learned my 3 adult children are treading amazing journeys of their own and I have to step aside,... but I'm allowed to bask in the glow of their radiance.
I learned I'm a slack arse at keeping my posts going here at blogger, but I'm a bit better at twitter and facebook. I have not really learned why I do this stuff, but I am known to be a social person, so social media probably suits me.
And so to NZ film. It has had an interesting year. Some local films have been released to very luke warm reception. In particular 'Vintners Luck' created a bit of a storm. The author of the book had a very melodramatic outburst, regarding the cinematic interpretation of her story,...according to some mainstream media in NZ. I felt for Nikki Caro as she does not approcah film making flippantly.
Under the Mountain, another well known NZ book was released as a film a couple of weeks ago and again has had a mixed bag of reviews. I got to play a brief non speaking role at the head of the film as the main characters father... and dare I say as a reflection on the regard with which crew and cast are often treated within the industry here in NZ, despite the funding bodies glowing reports of a healthy industry, along with many of the worker bees, I did not even get an invite to the NZ premier.
The accountants, politicians and unrelated celebs like getting along to premiers, and do so at the expense of the actual people who make the work, again it makes good press!
oh oh I'm doing a glass half empty rave. better go.
Have a wonderful last week of madness, leading up to the celebration of the birth of that guy who died on a cross, that Pope Gregory XIII so worshipped.

a shot of me cunningly disguised as a grape vine while I was doing some set building for the NZ shoot on Vintners luck nearly a couple of years ago.

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